Welcome to the Stockport and South Manchester CAMRA Branch

We are a very active branch of some 1,550 pub, beer and cider lovers drawn from the south of Manchester and most of the old county borough of Stockport. For full details of boundary see the Area section of the About us tab by clicking here.

Our activities vary from social outings to beer festival, through regular monthly consumer surveying (better known as a Meanders or Stagger), to campaigning about endangered beer types. For more information click here.

Fancy yourself as an ace reporter? Why not help with our award winning monthly magazine Opening Times. With at least 16, and often 24 A4 pages of copy required articles are always welcome. More details here.

Change to Stagger Friday 19 May

Woolpack closed

It looks like the 7:30pm meeting point, the Woolpack, will be closed on Friday. Therefore, the 19:30 starting point will now be the Alexandra on Northgate Street.

Royal Oak no real ale

It is reported that the halfway (8:30pm) meeting point the Royal Oak on Castle Street doesn't sell cask beer at the moment, so the meeting point will now be the Prince Albert a little further on Castle Street. (We will of course drop into the Royal Oak to see whether cask beer might be available.)

Extra venue

After starting at the Alexandra we are likely to visit the Grange Club at 151 Edgeley Road, Edgeley Stockport SK3 0TL which serves two real ales and welcomes CAMRA members.

A Little Help Required

… a little being the operative word.

Stockport & South Manchester Branch now has some 1,600 members. Like most volunteer organisations, it is a small handful of people that do all the work, which at times gets a little tedious.

I can't believe that out of such a large membership there are not a few more bodies who couldn't spare the odd hour once or twice a year. How about a stroll around your local pubs and shops and putting up Beer Festival posters. What about an hour helping erect all that metalwork which forms the stillage for the beer at the Festival. No skill is required, it clips together in an {almost} fool-proof manner, it doesn't even require big muscles.

Do you know it takes around 160 full time people to run the Festival? That is only 10% of our branch membership but we are dependent on people from other branches to staff it!

Come on lads and lasses, get involved. That 'handful' of volunteers mean you are well looked after in this Branch. Don't take that 'handful' for granted — they will not be with us forever.

To miss quote Mr W Churchill;

"Never in Stockport Beer Festival,
      was so much owed,
            by so many,
                  to so few."

David Sharpe — one of the Few


Help make beer and pubs a priority in this election

⇒ On the 8th of June, the UK will go to the polls for the General Election. We need your help to ensure that your local candidates know how important beer and pubs are to you as a potential voter.

⇒ This election gives us a chance to put forward CAMRA's specific proposals to better support the UK's beer drinkers and pub-goers. Together in 2015 we persuaded 1,160 candidates to pledge support for beer and pubs. As a result of this campaigning, we had 211 MPs who had promised to speak up in Parliament on our behalf.

⇒ Our campaigning efforts paid dividends: we've seen successes with a beer duty freeze in 2016, support for pubs facing high business rate bills and most recently on planning protection for pubs in England.

⇒ But there is more to do. We need to make sure these successes are protected and push the next Government to ensure beer drinkers and pub-goers get a good deal as Britain prepares to leave the EU.

⇒ CAMRA is asking election candidates to commit to do the following if elected:

  1. Beer: Celebrate and promote Britain's 1,540 breweries
  2. Pubs: Support action to help pubs thrive
  3. Consumers: Represent the interests of pub goers, beer and cider drinkers

⇒ Please visit CAMRA's website at www.camra.org.uk/pledgeforpubs to:

  • View our full manifesto asks
  • Contact your local candidates
  • See a list of which candidates have signed up so far

Want to get more involved?

⇒ If you're on social media, make sure to thank your candidates on Twitter and Facebook by using the hashtag #pledgeforpubs and #ge2017 when they confirm support. You can also upload a short video at the pub about why candidates should pull together for beer and pubs this election and tweet @CAMRA_Official.


Pub of the Month

With around 400 pubs to choose from in the Branch area, to be chosen for this award a pub has to have done something outstanding.

A number of contenders are considered, with a winner emerging after, a sometimes exhaustive, selection process. That is the hard part over, now to the presentation of the award. This takes place (usually) on the fourth Thursday of the month starting at 8pm.

The Stockport & South Manchester CAMRA Pub of the Month for May 2017 is the Hope Inn at 118 Wellington Rood North, Heaton Norris, Stockport SK4 2LL Map and it will be presented from 8pm onwards on Thursday 25th May 2017.

For a fuller description of why this pub is Pub Of the Month read the full article.

Mild Magic
14 April to 21 May 2017

Stockport and South Manchester's award winning trail

Join us on this month long passport scheme travelling around a selection of the pubs who are selling mild in the area. Collect stickers and win prizes. The more you participate the greater the prize.

Why not come along on Saturday 15th April and join us on an inaugural wander around a selection of participating pubs. The intention is to visit six establishments, so by the end of the evening your first card will be half completed! More details as they become available.

We must also also say a very big 'Thank you very much' to our sponsor, Moorhouse's, who produce an award winning mild, Black Cat.

Full details, final pub list and location map
available here

Diary of Events

Here is the current "live" Stockport and South Manchester CAMRA Branch's Google diary

If you wish to open it as a separate window click here

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Better known as CAMRA - The Beer Drinkers Champion

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CAMRA's Campaigns

Good beer: CAMRA promotes traditional ales through awards to those who brew or sell them at their best, through 150 annual beer festivals, and through the best-selling Good Beer Guide.

Pubs: With dozens of pubs lost or altered every week CAMRA fights the crass vandalism to your heritage. CAMRA also helps obtain Listed Building status for historic pubs, and promote the importance of "the local" to the community it serves.

Consumer rights: CAMRA campaigns for a fair deal for you the customer, on issues such as full-measure legislation and licensing reform. We act as a vigorous consumer voice in Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels.

Choice: CAMRA promotes independent brewers so you can have something other than national brands. We fight for a licensee's right to stock a guest beer which is free of any outside influence so that landlords can stock what THEY (and you their customers) want to drink.



The impact of CAMRA's efforts is down to the support of over 150,000 members (and growing) who fund our work and lend weight to our voice. The more members we have, the bigger the differences we can make. If you support what CAMRA is doing for Britains drinkers, why not help by becoming a member.

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