The Cider Circuit is back for 2019

What is the Cider Circuit?

To highlight the delights of real cider and perry, Stockport and South Manchester branch of CAMRA run a 6 week long passport circuit with many pubs who sell real cider and perry. This starts in mid September and runs to the end of October to coincide with production of the new year's cider. The 6 {and a bit} week long cider circuit has been established to help you participate in CAMRA's cider month of October.


How do I join in the Cider Circuit?

Once finalised the full rules, along with a copy of the card listing all pubs will be printed in the September &mdash: October issue of Opening Times and will be downloadable from here. Until then curb your enthusiasm and enjoy the summer.

Please be careful while drinking real cider and perry, as it is considerably stronger than commercial cider, often being in the range 6.5% to 8%!

Stockport Beer Week

19 September to 29 September 2019

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Full listing of events

Welcome to the page for Stockport Beer Week 2019. The event is coordinated by the Stockport and South Manchester Branch of CAMRA and runs from 19th-29th September, in conjunction with National Cask Ale Week. Here you can find details of the events and experiences at venues across the centre of Stockport which we hope will show off the many places where a huge variety of good beer can be found. And it's more than just about the beer; you can also learn about pubs, the brewing process and the heritage and brewing history of the town.

We are grateful for the support of Totally Stockport (the Stockport Business Improvement District Company) as well as Stockport Council; we all hope this event will assist with the development of the Town Centre. We are also grateful to our sponsors, Robinson's Brewery, Metro Taxis and Imagine FM; without them and the venues who have agreed to take part, this event would not happen.

Click on FULL LISTING OF EVENTS to see details of the events that have been confirmed so far; however our team of volunteers are still working on other ideas, so there is more to come. Keep an eye out on this page and our social media as other events will be added when details become available.

We plan to publish a full programme of events so if you run a local pub and would like to take part please contact us via

A big Thank you to our sponsors


Stockport Beer & Cider Festival

A right fine bash to finish off May!

When is it held?

Annually at the end of May or beginning of June. The start is always the first Thursday after the Late May Bank Holiday. It is now the largest local CAMRA festival in Greater Manchester and one of the top five in the North of England.

What does the Festival offer?

First and foremost a wide selection of fine cask ales sourced from around Britain. We try to keep at least two examples of all endangered beer styles eg mild, stout and etcetera available for drinking at all times so there should be something to tickle your fancy.

Secondly (but this does not mean second class) an overwhelming range of ciders and perrys. This year we had in excess of 50 varieties available, ranging from pleasantly sweet to astonishingly dry. Who says Magners is the pinnacle of cider, and as for cidré, don't get us going. Cider makers are starting to spring up all over the British Isles, even "up eer int' North" so why not come along and try a Chesher or Lancashire example?

Is it just about drinking?

No! We can also sell you a souvenir t-shirt, a variety of books or you could even join CAMRA and get complimentary free beer on us. Why not have a go on our tombola, plenty of beery prizes to be won. Our charity also bring along a complementary selection of goods.

So it's all about buying?

No! All sessions have accompanying musical entertainment ranging, in the last few years, from a 25/30 piece ladies choir to heavy rock bands with blues, folk jazz and everything else in between. The music suit is situated downstair (at football pitch level) adjacent to dining area, it will be well signposted

If all this sounds too much why not just sit out on the terraces (we are in Stockport County's ground so there are plenty of seats to go around) and watch the world go by or the grass grow! If you are a plane spotter we are excellently placed to watch aircraft incoming to Manchester Airport.

Who runs this worthy event?

Primarily members of the Stockport and South Manchester Branch of CAMRA together with assistance from the High Peak, Trafford & Hulme and other nearby branches. New members of staff are always very welcome, for more information contact Pete Farrand at

Want to know more?

Visit the dedicated website at