Bramhall and Hazel Grove West

Friday 16 August 2019

We may well make use of the local bus services to cover this stagger, so purchasing an all bus run-about ticket may be a good idea.

This evening's stagger starts at the Three Bears on the far edge of Bullock Smithy just before it merges into Bramhall. Being located on Jacksons Lane makes it a challenging location to access by public transport. The 307 and 308 busses pass the door hourly during the day but the last bus leaves Stockport around 6:00pm! The 374 is another contender as this passes close-by, but unfortunatly the last bus is again early, at 5:45pm from Stockport or 6:15pm from Hazel Grove Rail Station. Other alternatives are the 25 minute walk from the centre of Hazel Grove or 15 minutes from Bramall Hall (get there on the 378 bus at 6:35, 7:20, 8:30 then hourly). Whichever route is favoured, the weather should be condusive to an evening stroll, and either of the latter two should build up a healthy thirst.

Whichever way you get there this Robinson's house, branded as an Almond Family Pub, majors in excellent food, but does not neglect the drinker. The large modern building was extensively refurbished in 2011 and is an excellent place to sit and watch the bucolic goings on in the fields opposite. Ales on offer are 1892, Unicorn, Dizzy Blonde and the seasonal plus a mystery fifth handpump is showing on their website (see right). On a pleasant evening nothing could be nicer than to consume the ale of your choice while taking the air while sat outside. Don't get too comfy however as this is a stagger and we will have to move on.

Following intrepid shortcuts through the housing estate which surrounds it we find the Shady Oak on Redford Drive. If arriving by car, following the Recycling Point signs will guide you there quickly. Another modern establishment which functions as a community focal point. Furnishings vary from relaxing sofas where a coffee can be consumed through to the stand-up drinking area around the bar. Fear not there are also a dining area, a lounge and a tv and pool room, plus a conservatory which now incorporates a smoking area. Beers on offer are, unusually for this area, from Thwaites and Wells. Unfortunately we can't rest up here as we have a distance to cover to our next establishment.

Initially following the brook (anyone know its name?) which runs behind the Shady Oak Ladybrook Hotel and including a few cuts through we arrive at the Ladybrook Hotel. Built in the inter-war years in mock-Tudor, and re-furbished in May 2015, the Shady Oak would be described as a roadside tavern, where it on a major thoroughfare. As with the Shady Oak this doubles up as a community centre for the surrounding area. Although everything is under a single roof, the bar has been broken up into a number of distinct areas, along with a large vault beyond the bar. Usually three ales are on the bar, but limited to the range allowed (dictated?) by the John Barras organisation. There is also a garden attached outside drinking, but not in February. Departure could be co-ordinated with the timing of the 378 bus (44 past the hour in the evening) otherwise another lengthy walk ensues into the heart of Bramhall.

On entering Bramhall we need to poke our noses into both the Mercato Italiano and the Yardbird to confirm that real ale has not made an appearance in the last few weeks.

Around the corner on to Ack Lane East and just a little along we find the Bubble Room on our right. A modern café which was resolutely keg from opening until in January 2013 a single cask ale appeared on the bar. Very upmarket it is one of a chain of three, with one of its siblings being in Alderly Edge. The décor consists of leather, wood and even candelabra. The pavement seating area is a noted sun trap during the day, and who knows, even when we pass this evening.

A few yards further along Ack Lane we come to the Victorian, Victorial, Bramhall nee New Victorian, nee Orange Tree, nee . . . You get the picture, it has been renamed many times in its history. Now in the hands of J W Lees, it usually serves three of their beers and a house cider at all times. Its last refurbishment in August 2012 has resulted it a modern colour scheme but with traditionally upholstered furniture and the almost obligatory maps, cartoons, paintings et cetera covering the walls. Food is a major part of the operation with both the Lees corporate menu plus dishes devised by the chef and it is served up until 9pm. Outside drinking is offered in abundance with a garden to the rear, courtyard drinking (and the smokers) to the side and even pavement café style seating squeezed in to the front - take your pick.

Back up to the roundabout and across on to Woodford Road brings us, at number 8, Mounting Stone, Bramhallto Bramhall's new kid on the block, the Mounting Stone, a sister outlet to the Chiverton Tap. The bar greats you as you walk in, with a small beer garden to the rear. A lower level drinking area makes a feature of the cellar where the racked barrels can be viewed. The decor reflects the original use as a local blacksmith, hence the mounting stone to allow riders to remount their steeds after a visit. Six cask ales are offered, two from Bollington Brewery, the rest usually sourced from other local breweries. A stout or porter is normally available, along with a cider. Three thirds of a pint for the price of one is available so you can sample a few without getting too tipsy.

Beers available at the Mounting Stone are now supplimented by their own in house brewery, Made of Stone. Compact though everything is, space has been found to shoe horn (or should that be horseshoe?) a mini brewery in the back.

Do not get too comfy (unless you are a Bramhall resident) as the last (hourly) bus back to Stockport, the 378 bus departs from Bramhall NatWest Bank at 23:02 and will take you all the way back to Stockport, otherwise it is a long walk home!

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Bramhall and Hazel Grove West


Pub Name


Bus & Rail


Start point:

Three Bears
Jackson's Lane
Limited evening service

Mid point:

Shady Oak
Redford Drive
Limited evening service


Ladybrook Hotel
Fir Road
Mercato Italiano
26 Bramhall Lane South
No Real Ale
9-11 Bramhall Lane South
No Real Ale
Bubble Room
2-4 Ack Lane East
Ack Lane East

Finishing at:

Mounting Stone
8 Woodford Road


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Updated 19 November 2018