In order to get What's BREWING and BEER by email from head office,

  • go to the  CAMRA membership section

  • Login to the CAMRA website (See below for help)

  • After a few seconds a table of options appears.
    If you have other functions within CAMRA there will be a dropdown in the welcome panel. Ensure "Your Member Dashboard" is selected.

  • Click the "My Membership" button.

  • Scroll down and click the "Edit your membership information" button.
    Here you can edit all aspects of how CAMRA interacts with you)

  • Go to the "Preferences" tab.

  • Click "Edit".


How to log in to the CAMRA website:-

Your username is your membership number without any leading zeroes
and your password is your postcode in upper case without the space
(unless you have changed it).

e.g. - if your membership number is 0012345 and you live at M20  1AA
Your username = 12345

Your password = M201AA

If you have any problems you can contact CAMRA Membership Services on 01727 798440 or